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Affordable Access Award Nominations

The Affordable Access Award recognizes faculty and staff who demonstrate a commitment to addressing textbook affordability. Recipients have made outstanding contributions in support of textbook affordability and go above and beyond to increase student access to affordable course materials.  Applications for the 2023. Affordable Access Awards are currently closed. Please check back for 2024 awards. 

Affordable Access Award Nomination Requirements

The Affordable Access Award recognizes faculty and staff who demonstrate innovation and excellence in support of textbook affordability. Three Affordable Access Awards are awarded each calendar year. Winners for the 2023 calendar year will be presented with awards at the Interface Conference in Spring 2024. To be eligible for this award nominees must demonstrate a commitment to textbook affordability by creating, adapting, or adopting low- or no-cost course materials, or advocating for their use.

Awardees will be selected based on their contributions to affordable education. Strong consideration will be given to nominees whose actions result in direct student savings.  

Examples of affordable access advocacy may include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating and distributing an open educational resource (OER) in Pressbooks
  • Joining a committee, advocacy group, or learning community dedicated to promoting the ideals of affordable education
  • Helping an instructor replace commercial course materials with library materials 
  • Creating/adopting/adapting affordable materials for use in a class
  • Conducting a workshop series on reducing costs within a specific discipline 
  • Advocating for OER and other textbook affordability measures to be included in Tenure & Promotion documents

Submitting is currently closed. 

If you are ready to submit an Affordable Access Award Nomination, complete the nomination form below.  Self-nominations as well as nominations submitted by fellow colleagues (e.g., a faculty member, staff member, or administrator) are accepted.


2024 Recipients


Matthew Traum, Ph.D.
Instructional Associate Professor 

Jason Nowell, Ph.D.

Casey Rowe, Pharm.D.
Clinical Associate Professor 

2023 Recipients

Ashish Aggarwal
Instructional Assistant Professor
Department of Engineering Education
COP2271: Computer Programming for Engineers

COP3530 Course Development Team
Team Lead: Amanpreet Kapoor, Instructional Assistant Professor
Department of Engineering Education
COP3530: Data Structures and Algorithms

Melanie K. Veige
Instructional Professor, Director of General Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
CHM1020: Chemistry for the Liberal Arts

2022 Recipients

Han XuHan Xu

Senior Lecturer
Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Kevin JonesKevin Jones, Ph.D.

Distinguished Professor
Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering

Sophia AcordSophia Acord, Ph.D.

Adjunct Associate Director
Center for the Humanities and the Public Sphere
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences