Female instructor using the computer to check email during office hoursOverview

Office hours and email provide students the opportunity to ask in-depth questions and explore topics of confusion or interest that might not be addressed in class. Establish a few guidelines (e.g. reason for visit, how much time is needed, etc.) to ensure office visits are productive. Office hours should be posted in the syllabus and office door.


Listen Well

Take notes, jot down names, phrases, and other details of the conversation to reference for future meetings.


Students often ask questions related to majors, internships, and other career opportunities. Sharing your own experience can be helpful.

Offer an Office Hour as a Low Stakes Assignment

At the start of the semester, consider creating an assignment in which students sign up for and attend individual or small group meetings with you. This not only builds trust between you and your students, but also makes students feel heard and promotes equity in the classroom.


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