A graphic that says Elevate with rocket ship in a loading dock about to take off.

What is Elevate?

Embark on a guided expedition with Elevate, a Center for Teaching Excellence faculty development program. This initiative will help faculty create a customized trajectory for professional development, focusing on growth in areas they have identified through self reflection. Areas of growth include course design and organization; assessment, grading, and feedback; instructional materials; teaching and learning strategies; positive and  supportive learning environment; and expertise and professional development. Elevate promotes best practices and research-based strategies that faculty can quickly incorporate into their teaching practice.

Who is this for?

Elevate supports all faculty at every stage of their career, from novice educators to seasoned veterans. Whether you’re a self-starter navigating your first semesters at UF, or an experienced faculty member, Elevate is a valuable resource that can help you identify areas of opportunity and support your professional development goals.

How does it work?

Participants engage in three levels of activities in collaboration with a dedicated CTE Consultant:

Level 1: Prelaunch Badge (5-10 hours)

  • Complete the application 
  • Take the self-evaluation  
  • Hold an initial consultation  
  • Co-develop a tailored self-development plan by exploring Canvas course and working with a CTE consultant  

Level 2: Exploration Badge (15 – 20 hours)

  • Participate in consultations (1 consultation or check-in per month)   
  • Complete Elevate sections/modules  
  • Optional: Invite consultant to observe teaching  

Level 3: Elevate Mission Completion Certificate (5 –10 hours)
Complete a culminating activity such as:

  • A project (i.e., research study, initiative, course plan, active learning ideas, Elevate module, CTE workshop)  
  • A shareable product (i.e., slide show, infographic, poster, video)   
  • A presentation at Interface (presentation or poster)  
  • A testimonial  

How do I apply?

Apply now to Elevate your teaching


Watch the Elevate overview video to find out more about how the program works. For questions, email Michael Barber.