The Florida SUS 2025 Strategic Plan for Online Education includes performance indicators and goals for the three elements in the Plan: Quality, Access, and Affordability. Concerns about quality are one of the barriers to the adoption and growth of online education. In the Quality element, strategic goals focus on quality practices, encouraging universities to adopt these practices, and the rigorous assessment of online student success and persistence.

A quality online education framework should focus on the instructor, individual courses, support services, and the program. The framework should be viewed as best practices for quality in the design, development, and delivery of the courses, and the professional development of the instructor. In order to support instructors as they continuously adapt to learn new technologies and adopt best teaching and learning practices, the university will provide a robust offering of teaching-centered professional development opportunities.

The Strategic Plan includes goals, strategies, tactics, and performance indicators which include demonstrating that 90% faculty teaching online courses complete professional development related to online education. If you have organized or participated in a teaching-centered professional development program, please have the organizer complete the Professional Development Activity Submission Template and email it to the Center for Teaching Excellence. This information will be used to help the Center for Teaching Excellence track professional development of teaching for reporting purposes.