All faculty can serve as course reviewers.

Types of faculty

To become course a reviewer, faculty who have had their course(s) reviewed are required to ‘pay it forward’ by reviewing 2 courses for every course they have reviewed (no worries, this can be done over time).


Reviewing courses is its own reward.

Good idea

Get great new ideas

Holding hands

Help others

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Gator good

Course revision

Increase overall course quality


Becoming a reviewer is simple.

one hour clock1. Complete a 1-hour online & asynchronous reviewer training.

clipboard2. Get assigned to a course that needs reviewing (if ‘paying it forward,’
review 2 courses)

owl with pencil3. Stay on board to become a master reviewer

Want to become a master reviewer?

one hour clock1. Review the helpful feedback training

two clipboards2. Get assigned 2 additional courses to review

award3. Participate as a reviewer in the Exemplary Online Awards

If you have questions about becoming a course reviewer, contact Nikki Lyons.