The UF All Access program is a purchasing partnership between UF Bookstores (Follett), UF Business Services, and textbook publishers that helps faculty simplify the process of offering all students greater access to affordable, high-quality course materials. Since the program was implemented in 2013, it has saved UF students approximately $31.5 million.

How it Works

  1. Faculty contacts the Bookstore to be added to the UF All Access Program, or selects “yes” from the appropriate drop-down menu in the textbook adoption form.
  2. Students who are registered in courses participating in UF All Access are automatically added to the program.
  3. Students get electronic access to their textbook on the first day of class.
  4. Students are automatically charged for course materials through a “UF All Access” fee on their ONE.UF account.

Program Benefits

  • Faculty have access to usage data and analytics that drive increased student achievement.
  • Optional print-on-demand textbooks are available at discounted pricing.
  • Many UF All Access options can be accessed through Canvas.
  • Students can take notes, search, and highlight in their eTextbook.
  • Students who do not want to participate can withdraw themselves from the program.
  • UF All Access materials are eligible for financial aid.

How to Participate

Visit the Business Services website to see if your course can be added to the program.