The Center for Teaching Excellence highlights publications that are written by UF faculty. Each of these featured publications supports innovative teaching practices that contribute to student success. We invite you to read each of these articles to see examples of outstanding instructional practices here at UF. If you have an article that you would like to submit for feature, contact us.

concrete and gold building

Thirteen Tactics for Teaching Poetry as Architecture

Dr. Marsha Bryant & Dr. Charlie Hailey

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teacher writing on a chalkboard while talking to a student

Twelve Tips for Mindful Teaching

Dr. Elisa Sottile

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two students working together on a laptop

Employing Collaborative Assessments in an In-Person Undergraduate Class

Dr. Samuel Martins, Nichole Barber, Dr. Alexandra Bitton-Bailey, Dr. Morgan A. Byron, Nikki Lyons & Dr. Grady Roberts

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close up of hand-written note

Parody as Pedagogy, Plath as Style

Dr. Marsha Bryant & University of Florida students

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laptop with online class next to coffee mug

Teaching in the times of COVID-19: Transitioning a STEM course online

Dr. Izabella Barreto

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Hand holding up 3 fingers

3 Reasons to Go Online with New Student Orientations

Leslie Mojeiko, Allyson Haskell, Steve Carter & Dr. Shannon Dunn

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Sand on the beach gets wet from the incoming shore

Bichronous Online Learning: Blending Asynchronous and Synchronous Online Learning

Dr. Florence Martin, Dr. Drew Polly & Dr. Albert Ritzhaupt

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Potted plants in rows

Teaching Quantitative Ecology Online: An Evidenceā€based Prescription of Best Practices

Dr. Miguel A. Acevedo

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Students collaborating via Zoom

Authentic Language Learning Through Telecollaboration in Online Courses

Dr. Crystal Marull & Dr. Swapna Kumar

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Student example of an infographic about the Affordable Care Act

Enhancing and Impacting the Online Classroom Environment with Infographics

Dr. Hanadi Hamadi, Dr. Frederick R. Kates, Dr. George Raul Audi, Dr. Samantha A. Larson & Malcolm M. Kates

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