Do you have an outside-of-the-box challenge that needs an outside-of-the-box solution? The CTE team can help!

Micah JenkinsAffordability

Textbook affordability consultations are for school directors, department chairs, faculty, and staff who would like to learn more about adopting or creating affordable course materials. These consultations can help you lower publisher textbook costs, adapt existing open access textbooks, or develop new materials. Meet with Micah Jenkins, eText Coordinator at the Center for Teaching Excellence to answer your affordability questions. iClicker Cloud consultations are also available. Meet with Micah!

John JordiData Analytics

Would you be interested in learning more about how to use data effectively in your course? Do you need help with updating your Canvas course? UF faculty have access to several tools such as Canvas Analytics + Quiz Statistics, the UF myLA dashboard, Design Tools, as well as the new GatorEvals course evaluation system.  Meet with John Jordi, Instructional Assessment Coordinator at the Center for Teaching Excellence, to discuss areas you would like to explore within data analytics. Meet with John!

Nikki LyonsOnline Course Reviews

Are you puzzled about the course review process and how it works? Do you have an amazing online course you would like to earn an award or course designation for? Meet with Nikki Lyons, Quality Assurance Coordinator at the Center for Teaching Excellence, to discuss UF  Quality, Online Course Reviews, and using the ProposalSpace tool. Meet with Nikki!

Alexandra Bitton-BaileyTeaching Strategy

Teaching strategy consultations are for faculty who are either planning a new course, redesigning an existing course, or teaching the course this semester. You can request a teaching consultation at any time in the semester and for any type of course. The process for consultations will depend on your specific needs. Meet with Alexandra!

Teaching and Course Planning

Want to add some new teaching strategies to your courses, like collaborative or active learning? Need help constructing a syllabus or course map? Mike Barber can help you think outside the box and maximize student learning. Meet with Mike!


Teaching and Course Planning

Looking to enhance teaching effectiveness and improve your student learning? Looking for ways to connect with your students? Meet with Kimberly about strategies to create an inclusive environment and ways to increase motivation and engagement from students in your courses. Meet with Kimberly.

Teaching and Course Planning

Interested in learning how you can scale up teaching and learning with innovative strategies that engage the learners? Looking for creative ways to enhance the lessons or integrate Artificial Intelligence into your teaching? Meet with Jennifer about strategies to improve interactive learning, scaffold instructional design, or extend learning and assessment beyond the classroom. Meet with Jennifer.