How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) affecting teaching and learning in higher education?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is significantly impacting higher education, revolutionizing various aspects of the learning experience. AI-powered tools and platforms are transforming how students access educational content, tailor their learning paths, and receive personalized feedback. Moreover, AI-driven systems can help educators generate educational content and facilitate research endeavors. While these advancements bring exciting opportunities, it’s essential to address ethical concerns, data privacy, and ensure AI complements the education process rather than replacing it entirely. Embracing AI responsibly can lead to a more accessible, efficient, and effective higher education landscape.

Artificial intelligence has introduced significant challenges to academic integrity in education. As AI becomes more accessible, educators have expressed concerns about students using it to generate answers to questions on tests and assignments. Rather than reacting in fearful ways to new advances in AI, educators can focus on potential benefits, such as providing new perspectives on a problem and generating content that can be analyzed or critiqued. Undoubtedly, instructors need to provide guidelines to students about the appropriate and inappropriate uses of AI tools. However, instructors can also model and encourage productive and positive uses of AI and help students see its value.

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Contributing Creative Assignments and Assessments using AI
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Harnessing AI for Teaching and Learning Faculty Learning Community
The Center for Instructional Technology and Training and the Center for Teaching Excellence are sponsoring a 2023-2024 faculty learning community tilted “Harnessing AI for Teaching & Learning.” This FLC collectively explores the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) for teaching and learning. Learn more and apply on the FLC webpage.

Teaching with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the SEC Faculty Learning Community (FLC):
In this FLC, we will develop a comprehensive understanding of AI and its implications for teaching and learning in higher education. This eight-module course and the accompanying discussion sessions will cover topics such as how AI impacts academic integrity, ethics, legal issues, and student learning. You will have an opportunity to experiment with AI tools, develop an effective AI syllabus statement, and incorporate AI tools and applications into your practice. This FLC meets every three weeks on Wednesdays from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM starting September 27. For more information and to apply please visit here. 

CTE Resource Library
The Center for Teaching Excellence is constantly updating information about AI in its digital Resource Library. Check back often to find useful information about new tools and strategies for using AI in teaching and learning.

Tech Bytes
UFIT Tech Bytes is a series that provides bite-sized events covering technologies and strategies to enhance teaching and learning. Register for upcoming Tech Byte events and access recordings of previous events on the Center for Instructional Technology and Training’s webpage.

Office of Professional and Workforce Development AI Short Courses
The applications of AI are limitless and whatever your interest level, you can increase your working knowledge of AI through professional development courses offered by the University of Florida.