Logo for awards showing various award winners.


The Center for Teaching Excellence at The University of Florida is deeply committed to celebrating and supporting the diverse spectrum of teaching excellence across our campus. We proudly acknowledge not only the dedication of our faculty in creating and teaching outstanding courses but also the invaluable contributions of our teaching support staff. Their efforts play a crucial role in transforming the educational experiences of our students, enhancing learning environments, and ensuring the highest standards of academic excellence. 

In light of these commitments, we are excited to introduce new recognitions: 

  1. Rising Star Award: This award continues to honor faculty who demonstrate ongoing educational improvements and teaching excellence. Recipients are those actively participating in professional development activities through the Center for Teaching Excellence, showcasing a steadfast commitment to elevating their teaching methodologies and student engagement. 
  2. AI Awards: The Center for Teaching Excellence, AI2 Center, and the Center for Instructional Technology & Training are honoring UF educators who have made significant contributions using AI in teaching and learning. These awards recognize instructors and instructional teams for adopting, implementing, creatively using, and championing AI. 
  3. Exemplary Online Course Award: The Exemplary Online Awards (EOA) recognize exemplary and innovative practices in online teaching and course production. To be eligible, courses must have 80% or more of the content and activities available to students online. Visit the EOA Nomination Requirements page for more information. 
  4. Online Educator of the Year Award: The Office of the Provost and the Center for Teaching Excellence are pleased to announce a new award recognizing exemplary online teaching and a sustained body of exemplary online teaching practice. The University of Florida Online Educator of the Year Award recognizes exemplary online teaching that includes high-quality course design and effective online instructional delivery methods relevant to student engagement, student learning gains, and student satisfaction.  Please visit the Online Educator of the Year Award Requirements page to apply and learn more. 
  5. Trailblazers: Online Education Professional Awards: The Trailblazers in Online Education Professional Awards recognize online support professionals who lead the way in designing engaging learning environments, facilitating best-teaching practices, and integrating cutting-edge technology to enhance course development and increase student engagement and learning outcomes. Recipients will be recognized at the annual Interface Conference.  Learn more here.
  6. Affordable Access Awards: The Affordable Access Awards recognizes faculty and staff who demonstrate a commitment to addressing textbook affordability. Recipients have made outstanding contributions in support of textbook affordability and go above and beyond to increase student access to affordable course materials.