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Pedagogy should be the primary consideration when it comes to promoting academic integrity. Most academic integrity violations are identified during course assessments. Therefore, it is especially important to carefully design, build, and implement assessments that are scaffolded throughout your course. For teaching and assessment strategies that weave academic honesty into a course culture focused on student engagement and learning, visit the Academic Integrity @ UF webpage and the UF Instructor Guide.

UF offers and supports tools that can help prevent or identify academic misconduct in different types of assessments. It is recommended that you put academic integrity measures in place when an assessment comprises 15% or more of your students’ final grade.

Exams and Quizzes


Honorlock is an online proctoring service that video-records test-takers to deter them from searching for test answers through means such as opening a new browser on their device, using a second device, or asking a friend. Honorlock can also:

  • Search online for your exams
  • File takedown notices on your behalf to remove leaked questions

For more information on adding Honorlock to your course, visit the UF Instructor Guide. You can also find recordings and guides for yourself and your students on the Office of Distance Learning’s Online Proctoring webpage.


ProctorU is an online proctoring tool that offers a variety of service levels to help ensure and validate student assessments. For more information about ProctorU and how to add the service to your course assessments, visit the ProctorU advising page or the ProctorU support page. Helpful guides for students to get started with Proctor U are available on the test-taker guide. Students are to schedule an appointment 3 days prior to the dues date. Students who sign up for an appointment within 72 hours of an exam will be assessed a $5 late fee.

If you intend to add Honorlock, ProctorU, or another proctoring service to your course, provide your students with a handout on how to use the tool as well as low stakes opportunities for practice.

Papers, Projects, and Reports


Turnitin is an online anti-plagiarism tool that compares student work, websites, publications, and papers submitted for exact matches. Turnitin can:

  • Identify small & large sections of matched text in student submissions
    • This may present challenges when papers include frequently used expressions such as “underrepresented students in higher education.”
  • Check that students properly cited their sources
  • Generate reports in the Canvas Assignment tool

For directions on how to add Turnitin to an assignment, use the Turnitin Canvas guide. Guide your students to the student tutorials for easy-to-follow directions on submitting a Turnitin assignment. Your students may also need some guidance to interpret the results and score offered by Turnitin. You can point them to the guide on interpreting similarity reports. For additional help, visit the Turnitin instructor articles or the instructor quick submit guide.

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