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Topic Overview

Faculty evaluations play an important role whereby students provide meaningful feedback to their instructors. Evaluations take place at the end of each term and all students are encouraged to participate in evaluating each of their instructors.


Use Mid-Course Evaluations

Asking students questions like, “What do you like best about this course?”, or “What would you change about this course?” provide some important insight into areas of the course that students find interesting and helpful, while also identifying areas of potential confusion that can be addressed early enough in the semester.

Give Students Class Time to Complete

Instructors are encouraged to allow students approximately 15 minutes of class time to complete the evaluation. As the university has moved to evaluating all courses via an online portal, students can complete the evaluation on their mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Post Evaluation Dates

Instructors can include the evaluation dates in their syllabus, announcements, course website, or any other media used to communicate with students. Remind students that you value their constructive feedback and that it is used as an important tool in revising your course.

Complete a Teaching Self-Review

Gain new insights and revise your teaching practices with the Self-Review Outline.docx in support of a high quality learning experience.