We’ve categorized workshops in the Passport to Great Teaching program to help you plan your journey. Workshops can apply to multiple categories and when participating in a workshop you get to choose which category you apply your miles toward. Once you’ve earned 400 miles in a category, you’ll be awarded a badge. To find out which categories each workshop applies to view the calendar list below.

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Ongoing Online Events and Workshops

Some online workshops, courses, and events are offered throughout the entire year and don’t have a start or end date. A list of these ongoing online events and workshops can be found below:

Passport Category Badges

Active Learning Badge

Active Learning

Discover active learning techniques that have students engage with the material, participate in the class, and collaborate with each other.


Meet other faculty and staff while hearing about effective practices and strategies on teaching.

Creative Assessment Badge

Creative Assessment

Go beyond the “one size fits all” assessment and develop strategies contoured to your students, your course material, and your teaching technique. Make assessment an integral part of the learning experience.

Cultural Competencies Badge

Cultural Competencies

Discover new ways to interact effectively with people from different cultures. Help your students learn to be respectful and responsive to the health beliefs, practices, and the cultural and linguistic needs of diverse population groups.

Digital Literacy Badge

Digital Literacy

Learn how digital literacy can extend the impact and influence of your course by experimenting with the latest tools and techniques used to communicate in the digital age.

Experiential Learning Badge

Experiential Learning

Discover the power of experiential learning and the basic steps to create your own activities and assignments.

First Year Faculty Teaching Academy Badge

First Year Faculty Teaching Academy

This series is designed for faculty in their first few years of teaching at the University of Florida. The academy will cover important aspects of teaching and learning and connect instructors with collaborators across campus.

Great Online Teaching Badge

Great Online Teaching

This workshop series will help you design, build and teach a great online course.

Great Presentations Badge

Great Presentations

Discover simple techniques and tips for effective communication in the classroom and beyond.

Magna Badge


The Magna Mentor series covers timely, relevant and useful sessions delivered by highly respected peer experts.

Student Focused Teaching Badge

Student Focused Teaching

Gain new perspectives on teaching and course development that focus on providing the best learning experience for your students.

TA Portfolio Badge

TA Portfolio Series

Create an electronic teaching portfolio that helps you stand out to academic search committees and showcase your strengths as an instructor and professional.

Tackling Tough Talks Badge

Tackling Tough Talks

Learn and practice strategies to implement when difficult conversations with students and coworkers arise.

TBL Badge

Team Based Learning (TBL) Boot Camp

This workshop is completed over a 3 day period in which you will be introduced to TBL, generate content and practice skills.

UF+QM Badge

UF + Quality Matters

Learn about the UF + QM quality for online education rubric. Complete a self-review of your course and peer review two courses to earn the course reviewer badge.