Teaching Assistants

How to be a GREAT Online or Hybrid TA!

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Learn about teaching best practice and campus resources that will help you get up to speed quickly. Complete four required modules plus choose one of four optional modules to earn your certificate of completion.

  • Quality interaction between students and TAs (required)
  • Reciprocity and cooperation among students (required)
  • Active learning (required)
  • Prompt feedback (recommended for TAs who will be grading)
  • Emphasize time on task (required)
  • Communicate high expectations and respect diverse talents and ways of learning (required)
  • Expertise in subject and teaching (optional)
  • Canvas Practice (optional)

This workshop will earn credit towards your certificate of participation in the Teaching More Effectively Workshop Series.  Estimated time to complete the full workshop can take  4 – 5 hours

The UF Teaching Center: Teaching More Effectively Workshop Series

  • Free workshops for teaching assistants and other graduate students.
  • Improve instructional skills each semester.
  • Two strands of workshops: “Improving Your Teaching” and “Using Technology to Enhance Learning.”
  • Certificates of participation are given for completion of each workshop strand (one for pedagogy and another for teaching with technology).
  • For descriptions, dates and times visit the Teaching Center.


UF Library Workshops

  • The UF Libraries offer various workshops which you can register for and attend.
  • Each workshop is one hour, and feel free to bring your own laptop.
  • Library Schedule for available times.
  • Register for one of the various workshops.


Teaching Development

  •  Access the UF handbook for Testing and Grading.
  • Focus on how to construct and assess machine-scored multiple choice items.
  • Short answer items and essay questions.
  • Included are chapters on procedures for successfully administering tests
  • Analyzing test questions
  • Assigning grades.

Teaching Portfolio

A teaching portfolio can showcase your teaching and professional strengths and help you stand out in searches for academic positions. <remove text: Learn how to create your teaching portfolio in this interactive workshop!>

Teaching Portfolio Tip Sheet (Doc.)

Teaching Portfolio Workshop Showcase (April 5th, 2017)