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The Passport to Great Teaching program offers faculty, staff, teaching assistants, post-docs and graduate students professional development teaching certificates that can be tailored to specific areas of interest.* To earn a certificate, participants attend required core workshops and then choose from a number of elective activities such as conferences, faculty learning communities, Magna Campus 20-Minute Mentors, student talk-backs, strategy show and tells, Teaching Beyond the Podium podcast activities, and more! Certificates can be showcased on your LinkedIn profile through Accredible. Begin your passport journey!

Watch the Passport to Great Teaching Overview video to find out more about how the program works. Learn how to register for a certificate, sign up for workshops, and track your miles. For questions, head to our Passport to Great Teaching FAQ page.

*In August 2019, The Passport to Great Teaching program began using Salesforce to track all workshop registration and attendance. In order to participate in the program, you must register for a Passport Portal account. This will allow you to choose a certificate, register for qualifying workshops, track your progress, and collaborate with fellow travelers through the discussion board. For help with registering for an account and navigating the Passport Portal, view the user guide.