The University of Florida is embracing summer online course delivery. We believe it is not the modality, but the teacher who makes a difference. We invite faculty to ponder the possibilities of online teaching, and to join us for the #NoWallsTeaching movement. Online doesn’t mean confined to a computer screen, it only means that our classroom just got bigger!

What Does No Walls Teaching Mean?

“No Walls Teaching” is instruction that extends beyond the confines of a traditional classroom and the glare of a computer screen. It is an approach to teaching and learning that cultivates a sense of community among students and fosters connections between students and instructors. This is done by combining relevant content and engaging activities to create authentic learning experiences. No Walls Teaching embraces collaborative learning, experiential learning, and research techniques in a humanized setting.

How It Works

Come join the #NWT movement! Brainstorm with other teachers to think creatively about your teaching. Consider new ways of learning engagement that are not confined within the classroom or even Canvas. Come join us at social hours, game nights, and the No Walls Teaching retreat, and discover ways to “level up” your teaching!

  1. Share Your Strategies with #NWT and #NoWallsTeaching
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  3. Check the No Walls Teaching Event Calendar
  4. The calendar below contains all of the No Walls Teaching events. Registration instructions are located in the event details.
    Looking for general Remote Teaching Guidance? Join the #NoWallsTeaching Summer 2020 Workshop.

  5. Share Your No Walls Teaching Ideas!
  6. Publish your No Walls Teaching strategies and activities with other teachers through the No Walls Teaching eBook. We invite instructors to contribute a brief description of an assignment or activity that expands learning beyond the confines of the classroom. The submission period has passed.

  7. Get Rewards!
    • Earn 100 Passport to Great Teaching miles for each No Walls Teaching workshop attended
    • Earn 50 Passport to Great Teaching miles for a complete submission to the No Walls Teaching eBook
    • Contribute to the NoWallsTeaching eBook (contributors have the option to be included in a raffle for a prize!)