Pressbooks is an online book/document formatting system that you can use to create print and digital materials that are accessible on all platforms including smartphones, tablets, e-reader devices, and computers. Pressbooks can help you produce professional, platform-agnostic course materials in formats such as:

  • PDF (print and digital)
  • WEB
  • EPUB
  • MOBI
  • ODT
  • XML
  • WXR


Pressbooks is available to UF Faculty, staff and students at no cost through UF’s Unizin membership. Pressbooks can be handy for:

  • Housing content outside of Canvas for students to access any time, any where.
  • Linking to specific chapters in a PressBooks text.
  • Importing pieces of OER works created with PressBooks to incorporate with your own content.



The Center for Instructional Technology and Training is available to assist with creating PressBooks content.  They can help to set up your PressBooks site so that it looks professional and accessible. The PressBooks Jamboree Online Workshop is also a resource for learning Pressbooks.