Affordable UF

What is it?

Faculty from all disciplines are invited to participate in UF’s Affordable Content Initiative.

Courses using required material costing $20 or less per-credit hour will receive an Affordable UF badge.

You can apply for the Affordable UF Badge through the UF Textbook Adoption website, if your required course material cost is $20 or less per-credit hour.

The badge will appear in the required course textbook page and allows students to easily identify courses that facilitate access to low- or no-cost course materials.

Question:  Does this include lab materials?

Yes.  Any materials that students must purchase for your course are included.

More details are available on the Affordable UF Libguide.


How do I participate?

When you submit your textbook adoption through the UF Textbook Adoption website you will have the option to choose to participate.  You will be asked:

In addition to any publisher content, are you using any of the following (select all that apply):

  • Open Educational Resources (OER)
  • UF Libraries Course Reserves
  • Instructor Created Content

You will also be asked to certify that all of the materials required for purchase will be used in the course assignments and activities.

This is important!  If students don’t actually use the required materials, the Affordable UF Badge is not appropriate for your course.

If your course is not part of UF’s Affordable Content Initiative, but you would like to explore this option you can contact your Subject Specialist Librarian. or Alexandra Bitton-Bailey.