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I just listened to the first podcast produced by your office (First Day Strategies) and loved it! Podcasts are a great way to reach busy faculty with great, helpful content (but who might not otherwise take time out for workshops across campus). Thank you for this wonderful resource and hope to see more! – Dr. Coffey

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Season 3

Expand Your Classroom Through Virtual Travel

Teaching in Alternative Spaces doesn’t always mean going outdoors.

You can help your students explore the countries, cultures and peoples by connecting them with language coaches from all over the world! Discover teaching strategies and the technologies that support them from Dr. Crystal Marull, Lecturer in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese studies.

Featured Guest:
Dr. Crystal Marull | Bio | Transcript

Using Inkscape as a Teaching Tool

Looking to create interesting graphics for your course?

Listen as Dr. Sujata Krishna, Lecturer in the Department of Physics, shares how she uses the free vector and raster graphics editor Inkscape to create course materials. Find out if Inkscape is the right tool for you!

Featured Guest:
Dr. Sujata Krishna | Rising Star Award Recognition | Transcript

Jigsaw Discussions

Nick Keiser

Learn About Jigsaw Discussions!

Dr. Nick Keiser, Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology, shares his strategy of using jigsaw discussions to get his undergraduate students immersed in current research.

Featured Guest:
Dr. Nick Keiser | Keiser Lab Website | Transcript

Inclusivity in the Classroom

Sindia Rivera-Jiménez

Become an inclusivity champion!

Dr. Sindia Rivera-Jiménez, Lecturer at the Department of Engineering Education and an affiliate faculty to the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, shares her strategies, struggles, and successes to create an inclusive classroom.

Featured Guest:
Dr. Sindia Rivera-Jiménez | Bio | Transcript

Scaffolded Role-Play in the Classroom

Kevin MacPherson

Make your course more engaging with role-play!

Dr. Kevin MacPherson, Clinical Lecturer and Assistant Director of Clinical Education in the Department of Physical Therapy, teaches a course where Physical Therapy students practice diagnosis and prescription skills by using disease illness scripts. Students apply concepts learned during lecture to prescribe treatment based upon observing other students playing the role of an illness sufferer.

Featured Guest:
Dr. Kevin MacPherson | Bio | Transcript

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Season 2

Leveling Up Project-Based Learning

Sean Niemi

Have you ever wanted to engage your students in long-term group projects but feared resistance and lack of engagement?

Sean Niemi, Lecturer in the department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, has developed a semester-long, project-based course that inspires students to develop projects that work— even if that means happily staying up all night!

Featured Guest:
Dr. Sean Niemi | Bio | Transcript

Virtual Exchange

Ginny Greenway

Incorporating global perspectives into your courses is important but often times can be challenging to organize.

Ginny Greenway, Ph.D. in The Miller Lab at UF, shares her strategies for helping her undergraduate students to communicate and collaborate effectively with scientists all over the world through Virtual Exchange.

Featured Guest:
Dr. Ginny Greenway | Research | Transcript

Active Game Learning

Stacey Curtis

Have you ever wondered how to make your course more fun?

Dr. Stacey Curtis, Clinical Assistant Professor and 2018-19 teacher of the year, shares how she incorporates meaningful games and activities into her course to promote student engagement and life-long learning.

Featured Guest:
Dr. Stacey Curtis | Bio | Transcript

Graduate Online Mentoring

Swapna Kumar

Wondering how to teach a great online graduate level course?

Dr. Swapna Kumar shares how online mentoring can contribute to student success.

Featured Guest:
Dr. Swapna Kumar | Bio | Research | Transcript

Student Community Involvement

Kevin Baron

Get your students out of their seats and into the streets!

Dr. Kevin Baron shares his successful community-based projects that give students the chance to participate in meaningful work outside the classroom.

Featured Guest:
Dr. Kevin Baron | Bio | Transcript

Team-Based Learning

Michelle Farland

Use team-based learning to keep students engaged and motivated in your course!

Dr. Michelle Farland, Clinical Associate Professor and president-elect of the Team-Based Learning Collaborative, discusses her experiences with team-based learning, the challenges, successes, and best practices for any instructor looking to get started.

Featured Guest:
Dr. Michelle Farland | Full Bio | More About TBL | TBL Workshop | Transcript

High-Stakes Testing Alternative

Kevin Knudson

Looking for an alternative to high stakes testing?

Dr. Kevin Knudson shares how he discovered standards based grading and how it transformed the student experience of his typically dreaded calculus class.

Featured Guest:
Dr. Kevin Knudson | Full Bio | Personal Website
High-Stakes Testing Alternative Transcript.pdf

Connect with Students: Verbal Communication

Jennifer K. Smith

Connect with students!

Whether it's giving a lecture or speaking one on one with students, verbal communication plays a vital role in the classroom. Jennifer K. Smith shares a wealth of strategies on communication and lecturing that she's learned from teaching and working with other faculty at the University of Florida.

Featured Guest:
Jennifer K. Smith | Full Bio
Connect with Students: Verbal Communication Transcript.pdf

Two-Stage Collaborative Assessment

David Julian

Create an exam students look forward to!

Dr. David Julian explains how two-stage testing has made his students excited about assessment. He provides a brief overview of two-stage exams, examples of how he uses it in his classroom, and most importantly how this strategy has impacted his students.

Featured Guests:
Dr. David Julian | Full Bio

Two-Stage Collaborative Assessment.pdf

International Students

Melina Jimenez

How can we help international students better navigate their college experience in the United States?

Melina Jimenez, English Language Institute instructor, talks about some of the common barriers international students face while studying at the University of Florida. She also gives us some easy course design strategies that benefit all students.

Featured Guests:
Melina Jimenez | Full Bio

International Students Transcript.pdf

Creating an Affordable Course

Herbert Lowe and April Hines

Create an affordable course today!

The cost of higher education often becomes a burden for many students. Hear how April Hines, College of Journalism and Communication Librarian, and Herbert Lowe, College of Journalism and Communication Lecturer, teamed up to make course materials more affordable for University of Florida students.

Featured Guests:
April Hines | Full Bio
Herbert Lowe | Full Bio

Creating an Affordable Course Transcript.pdf

First Generation Students

Adrian Cruz and Leslie Pendleton

See through the eyes of first generation students.

Adrian Cruz shares his story filled with laughter, struggle and success on being a first generation student. Also, Dr. Leslie Pendleton provides strategies to better support and learn from first gen students.

Featured Guests:
Adrian Cruz
Dr. Leslie Pendleton | Full Bio

First Generation Students Transcript.pdf

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Season 1

Getting the Most Out of Assessment

Dr. Corinne Huggins-Manley

Effective classroom assessment can be difficult.

We spoke with Corinne Huggins-Manley, Research and Evaluation Methodology Program Coordinator at UF, to hear about strategies for creating good assessment.

Featured Guests:
Dr. Corinne Huggins-Manley | Full Bio

Getting the Most Out of Assessment Transcript.pdf

Rising Above Adversity

What is it like to have a disability while navigating through the coursework and demands of a university?

We sat down with three University of Florida students to hear their stories and the adversity they face. Staff from the Disability Resource Center were also kind enough to share their experience, advice, and hope for students with disabilities.

Featured Guests:
DRC Staff - Kendra Saunders, Beth Roland, and Gerry Altamirano
UF Students - Julia, Emma, and Rosanna
Disability Resource Center
Rising Above Adversity Transcript.pdf

Fostering Student Success

Dr. Ashley MacSuga-Gage and Dr. Erica McCray

Help all students succeed from the start.

Create your courses to effectively reach students with different gifts and circumstances. Ashley and Erica fill us in on some tips for creating a course that avoids simply teaching to the middle.

Featured Guests:
Dr. Ashley MacSuga-Gage | Full Bio
Dr. Erica McCray | Full Bio

UDL Tips
Disability Resource Center

Fostering Student Success Transcript.pdf

Why We Love Assessment

We love assessment and you should too!

Assessment provides information regarding student, faculty, and institutional effectiveness, allowing us to weigh and refine our approach towards teaching.

Featured Guest:
Dr. Timothy Brophy | Full Bio

Institutional Assessment at UF

Why We Love Assessment Transcript.pdf

The Career Connections Center

Use the CCC to impact your students' future!

How did you find your career? Odds are there was help along the way. The CCC at UF endeavors to be that help for students and partnering with them as a faculty member may be easier than you think.

Featured Guests:
Andie Cochran, Jaysen Williams, and Sarah Gould | Biographies

CCC Faculty Page | CCC College Liaisons | CCC Presentation Request

The Career Connections Center Transcript.pdf

Open Educational Resources

Alexandra Bitton-Bailey

Integrate and implement OER into your course!

Although she would never claim to be an "expert," we believe Alexandra Bitton-Bailey offers great insight on utilizing open educational resources. She has used OER content for several years and now teaches a class that is solely supported by OER.

Featured Guests:
Alexandra Bitton-Bailey and Dr. John Jordi | Biographies

Open Educational Resource Transcript.pdf

Experiential Learning

Create new and intriguing opportunities for students to learn outside of the traditional classroom.

Dr. Richard Conley explains how he crafted a new experiential learning course and the lasting impressions it had on his students.

Featured Guest:
Dr. Richard Conley | Biography and Website

Experiential Learning Course Guidelines.pdf

Experiential Learning Transcript.pdf

Providing Efficient Feedback

Dr. Joslyn-Ahlgren

Help your students improve and spend less time doing it.

Dr. Joslyn Ahlgren shares how to give great feedback to students while balancing the long list of responsibilities faculty are faced with.

Featured Guest:
Dr. Joslyn Ahlgren | Full Bio

Providing Efficient Feedback Transcript.pdf

Strategies for Student Engagement

Connect with students and foster a community that truly cares for one another.

Ever wonder how to foster engagement with the students who find a cozy spot in the back of the classroom or those who seem lost in thought? Matthew Sowcik shares some great strategies to increase student engagement throughout the semester.

Featured Guest:
Dr. Matthew Sowcik | Full Bio

Strategies for Student Engagement Transcript.pdf

Quality Student Interaction

Foster greater collaboration and engagement in your course by using a student-centered approach.

Mikell Pinkney has many accolades from a professional career on Broadway. However, what continually blew us away was his dedication to students and humble approach to work collectively with them.

Featured Guest:
Dr. Michael L. "Mikell" Pinkney | Full Bio

Quality Student Engagement Transcript.pdf

Active Learning

Active learning cultivates interest and engagement with course content.

Who doesn't want to be the "cool" professor? As it turns out, being committed to teaching and using a student-centered approach just may land you this title. Dr. Hector Perez, Associate Professor of Seed Biology, Plant Conservation, and Restoration at the University of Florida shares his philosophy, experience, and focus on active learning.

Featured Guests:
Dr. Héctor E. Pérez | Full Bio

Active Learning Transcript.pdf

Building an Inclusive Classroom

Practice inclusivity in your classroom!

As educators, it's our duty to remove barriers that prevent learning. L.B. Hannahs explains how respecting your students' humanity and giving them an active voice in the class will bring exclusive barriers down.

Featured Guest:
LB Hannahs

Building an Inclusive Classroom Transcript.pdf

Student Motivation

Learn new ways of retaining student motivation.

When the semester is coming to a rapid end and student energy is waning, how can you keep them motivated until the very end? Listen in as Kim Moore shares some of her strategies.

Featured Guests:
Dr. Kimberly Moore | Full Bio

Student Motivation Transcript.pdf

First Day of Class Strategies

Dr. Kimberly Moore, Dr. Gillian Lord, Dr. Hector Perez, LB Hannahs, Dr. Melissa Johnson, Dr. Melanie Harris

Gain new strategies to make your first day of class a great one.

In the very first podcast of the new FDTE Beyond the Podium Podcast Series faculty from across campus share some of their most memorable first day experiences and strategies that they have developed to start the semester off right!

Featured Guests:
Dr. Kimberly Moore, Dr. Gillian Lord, Dr. Hector Perez, LB Hannahs, Dr. Melissa Johnson, Dr. Melanie Harris

First Day Strategies Transcript.pdf

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