The UF All Access program is a purchasing partnership between UF Bookstores (Follett), UF Business Services, and textbook publishers that helps faculty simplify the process of offering all students greater access to affordable, high-quality course materials. Since the program was implemented in 2013, it has saved UF students approximately $13 million.

How it Works


Faculty contacts the Bookstore to be added to the UF All Access Program


Students opt-in to the program when registering.


Students get electronic access to their textbook on the first day of class.

online bill

Students’ bursar accounts are billed at the end of drop/add.

Program Benefits

  • Faculty have access to usage data and analytics that drive increased student achievement.
  • Optional print-on-demand textbooks are available at discounted pricing.
  • Many UF All Access options can be accessed through Canvas.
  • Students can take notes, search, and highlight in their eTextbook.
  • Students who drop the course within the drop/add period are not billed.
  • UF All Access materials are eligible for financial aid.

How to Participate

Visit the Business Services website to see if your course can be added to the program.