The Center for Teaching Excellence offers several resources for Teaching Assistants (TAs) to help them succeed in their teaching. These resources include guides, workshops, certificate programs, and mentoring opportunities.

Great Teaching Certificate: TA Edition

Your work as a TA in the classroom is a critical element for student success. The Great Teaching Certificate: TA Edition is a time-efficient way to learn good teaching practices to support your students! This certificate can be completed asynchronously at your own pace.

How to complete the certificate:

  1. Create an account in the Passport Portal.
  2. Once you receive a confirmation email, sign in to the Passport Portal and register for the Great Teaching Certificate: TA Edition on the Passport Certificates page.
  3. After registering for the certificate, register for the core activities.
  4. To register for elective activities, follow the links in the list of elective activities below.
  5. Once you earn 1000 miles, you will receive a certificate of completion which can be added to your teaching portfolio, CV, or LinkedIn profile.
Core Activities

Miles Required: 600
Each core activity listed below is required. Register for the core activities.

  1. Online TA Orientation Part 1 | 100 miles
  2. Online TA Orientation Part 2 | 100 miles
  3. Online TA Principles & Strategies Course | 400 miles
    • Module 1: What is a Great Teaching Assistant?
    • Module 2: Anatomy of a Great Course
    • Module 3: Good Teaching Practices
    • Module 4: Assessment & Feedback
    • Module 5: Quality Learning Environment
    • Module 6: Managing Your Time
    • Module 7: Communication

*Miles for core activities are uploaded to the Passport Portal once per semester.

Elective Activities

Miles Required: 400
Choose any activities listed below to complete your remaining miles.

  1. Be a Great Online or Hybrid TA | 200 miles
    Learn about teaching best practices and campus resources that will help you get up to speed quickly.
  2. Magna Campus Online Seminars | 20 miles each
    Magna Campus delivers quick video recordings on a variety of teaching topics from highly respected instructors.

  3. Teaching Beyond the Podium Activities | 10 miles each
    The Teaching Beyond the Podium podcast features members of the UF community who discuss tips and strategies for creating a quality learning experience.

  4. Synchronous F2F or Online Workshops | 100 miles each

  5. Asynchronous Workshops | 100-500 miles each

  6. UF Conferences | 250 miles

TA Handbook

The TA Handbook helps TAs to navigate their responsibilities, and also learn about teaching resources available to them. The role of TA is likely to be a part of the educational experience of many graduate students during some part of their professional training. The teaching assistant’s role as an instructor is a somewhat unusual one because few TAs receive any formal training in the skills of teaching.

Preparing Future Faculty

Preparing Future Faculty is a mentoring program for doctoral, postdoc, and terminal masters students. Attendees will learn about faculty roles, tenure and promotion, interviews and hiring, effective teaching and learning practices, and more!