Virtual Exchange


“…virtual exchange (VE) involves the engagement of groups of learners in extended periods of online intercultural interaction and collaboration with partners from other cultural contexts or geographical locations as an integrated part of their educational programmes and under the guidance of educators and/or expert facilitators.”
– O’Dowd, 2018, p. 5


Start Simple

There are a variety of ways to engage in VE:

  1. Invite a virtual guest to synchronously share experiences and knowledge with the students in your course
  2. Collaborate with an instructor abroad and have the students interact on selected topics via Zoom or Skype
  3. Invite students to connect with a pen pal or a researcher in their field through email or discussion forums

Join the Collaborative International Teaching Network (CITN)

The goal of the CITN is to guide and support faculty to engage creatively with collaborative international teaching opportunities. VE enables students and faculty to connect virtually across national borders and campuses to engage in asynchronous and synchronous project-based activities to examine global issues and problem-solving from diverse perspectives.


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