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Is your Canvas course site ready to provide students with a quality learning experience? The accelerated UF+Quality Matters rubric (Canvas login required) provides streamlined, research-supported guidance to help you organize and deliver the materials your students need. The accelerated rubric is a subset of the UF+Quality Matters standards. Access full versions of the UF + Quality Matters rubric (Canvas login required).

Course Preparation Resources

  1. Course preparation how-to resources:
  2. Ideas for online assignments can be found at:

Course Review Process

  1. After you have set up your Canvas course site, you may request an “accelerated” review of your course:
    • Be sure that you have a “complete course”
      • Double check to ensure that all course elements are published and ready for students to access
    • View the video: Accelerated UF + QM Rubric (18:48)
      • Create your instructor self-review
      • Your self-review must provide links to examples that demonstrate the rubric items (please do not copy/paste text from the course into your submission)
  2. Complete your course and submit your self-review
  3. Reviewers will provide feedback for improvement within the self-review document
  4. Make final improvements and publish your course!