ADTS Vision Statement

The Academy of Distinguished Teaching Scholars (ADTS) serves as an advisory group with the mission to develop and recommend implementation of policies that enhance the University of Florida’s ability to continuously improve its high level of academic excellence. The Academy believes that original research inspires great teachers and that the challenges of teaching cultivate research. The university must create a habitat where research-whether into the enigmas of quantum mechanics or the beauty of lyric poetry, whether into the distant reaches of philosophy or the secret life of the nematode-provokes the insights of teaching, and where rigorous teaching originates in fresh research. To pass the knowledge of one generation on to the next, the university must foster the research that is the heart of learning. Where the teacher is surprised and enlightened, the student will follow.



Dr. Lise Abrams
Professor, Psychology
Dr. Jeffrey Adler
Professor, History
Dr. Linda Behar-Horenstein
Professor, Dentistry
Dr. Sanford Berg
Professor, Center for African Studies
Dr. Miklos Bona
Professor, Mathematics
Dr. Elizabeth (Buffy) Bondy
Professor, School of Teaching & Learning
Dr. Diana Boxer
Professor, Linguistics
Dr. Emilio M. Bruno
Professor, Latin American Studies/Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Dr. Marsha Bryant
Professor, English
Dr. George Christou
Professor, Chemistry
Dr. Oscar Crisalle
Professor, Chemical Engineering
Paul Doering
Professor, Pharmacy
Dr. Elliot Douglas
Professor, Environmental Engineering
Dr. Heather Gibson
Professor, Tourism, Recreation & Sport Management
Dr. Charlie Hailey
Professor, Architecture
Dr. Sidney Homan
Professor, English
Dr. Susan Jacobson
Professor, Wildlife Ecology & Conservation
Dr. Michael Kane
Professor, Environmental Horticulture
Dr. Gail Kauwell
Professor, Food Science and Human Nutrition
Dr. Kevin Knudson, Chair
Professor, Mathematics
Dr. Haniph Latchman
Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering
Dr. Mark Law
Director, UF Honors Program
Dr. Doug Levey
Professor, Ecology
Dr. William Logan
Professor, English
Dr. Howard Louthan
Professor, History
Dr. James Lynch
Professor, Medicine
Dr. Wayne McCormack
Professor, Medicine
Dr. Kimberly Moore
Professor, Sustainable Plant Management, Environmental Horticulture
Dr. Ranga Narayanan
Professor, Chemical Engineering
Dr. Greg Neimeyer
Professor Emeritus, Psychology
Dr. Michael Olexa
Professor, Food and Resource Economics
Dr. Judith Page
Professor, English
Dr. Scott Powers
Professor, Applied Physiology & Kinesiology
Dr. Francis (Jack) Putz
Professor, Biology
Dr. Robert Ray
Professor, English
Dr. Grady Roberts
Professor, Agricultural Education
Elizabeth Rowe, J.D.
Professor, Law
Dr. W. Gregory Sawyer
Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Marianne Schmink
Professor Emerita, Center for Latin American Studies
Dr. Lynn Sollenberger
Professor, Agronomy
Dr. Gregory Ulmer
Professor, English