The following services are currently available through FDTE


  • Quality Assurance Online Course Review

    Have your online course reviewed by members of the Quality Assurance Committee based on the UF Standards and Markers of Excellence.

  • Teaching Strategy Consultation

    These services are available for you or your team to discuss any aspect of teaching and learning. Consultations are non-evaluative and completely confidential.

  • Visit an Online Course

    Explore courses and get ideas.

  • Invite FDTE to support your meeting or event.

    Department meetings, workshops or other events focused on teaching and learning.

  • Request a Specific Workshop or Informational Visit

    We will be happy to come to any existing meetings and discuss a specific topic with your department or team.

  • Request a Custom Workshop

    Request a custom workshop for your department or team.

  • Visit an Active Learning Course


Request FDTE support through the Service Request Form. Contact FDTE with additional questions:

Alexandra Bitton-Bailey: Jennifer K. Smith:
email: email:
phone: 352-294-3570 phone: 352-294-0810