Intellectual Property

The question of intellectual property in academia is important and complex. The increased use of electronic platform and online learning have increased the complexity as can be seen in the multi-page documents referenced below. What follows is an over-simplified but useful representation of the major elements of the University’s intellectual property policies as they relate to electronic platform and online learning. Please refer to the links below for the governing policy statements.

  1. The University will own the copyright to a work of authorship by a faculty member or other employee that is created to be captured electronically for use in an online learning course. The creation of such material may be part of the faculty member’s assignment or may be commissioned through an overload appointment.
  2. The University has the right to use such course materials in the University’s online learning courses without additional compensation to the originating authors.
  3. Revision of online course materials will be the responsibility of the author or authors unless they are no longer University of Florida employees or are unable or unwilling to make such revisions. In such case, the material may be revised by other University of Florida faculty.
  4. If such materials are licensed to a third party (not to the University or an affiliated entity), distribution of proceeds will be governed by Article 25 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement for in-unit faculty members or the University’s Intellectual Property Policy for other faculty and staff members.

The University’s Intellectual Property policies can be found in the Collective Bargaining Agreement - Article 25¬†and/or the University of Florida Intellectual Property Policy.