Instructor teaching onlineOnline Teaching Overview

The design, development, and teaching methods used in an online course are all instrumental in creating an impactful learning experience for students.



During this stage, lay a strong foundation for your course. Begin with the end in mind and determine what you want learners to know and be able to do once they complete the course. Create an outline that includes the learning objectives, learning activities and materials, tools, and assessments.


If you are comfortable with instructional design and course creation, build your course in the Canvas learning system. You can request your Canvas shell to begin. Otherwise, contact the Center for Instructional Technology & Training to request a consultation with one of their Instructional Designers or an Instructional Designer in your college (if there is one). They can help you build a course that presents content in an organized and engaging way.


You can incorporate the same teaching skills and strategies that make you outstanding in the physical classroom in an online learning environment. These strategies might have to be modified for use online. Classroom discussions can be recreated in discussion boards, VoiceThread or Playposit activities, and through breakout discussions in synchronous virtual meetings. Some students may not be comfortable with learning online; understand they may need additional scaffolding and resources to help them learn and retain material. We want all students to be successful!


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