Student helping his classmate in a wheelchair while they study together in the lecture room.Topic Overview

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) celebrates disability identity as a valued aspect of diversity. The DRC champions a universally-accessible campus community that supports the holistic advancement of individuals with disabilities.


Multiple Formats

Give students the opportunity to access materials and course content in a number of ways such as video, podcast, study guides, checkpoints, and class notes. This helps by providing access to materials in a multitude of ways. All materials are not created equal. It is important to check that all students have access to the material for their course in a way that they can best understand it.

Campus Resources

Students may not be aware of all the resources available on campus to assist them. Students may not know about the tutoring centers, the DRC, and other resources designed to help them be successful at UF. Providing that information is vital.


Diving Deeper/Research