Do I have to earn a badge to earn miles?
No, you can earn the miles from an individual workshop without completing the workshop category. If you complete a category, you will earn the miles for the category and the badge.

If I attend another conference or workshop outside of the Passport to Great Teaching Program will I be awarded miles or a badge?
No, you can only earn miles and badges by participating in workshops/conferences listed on the Passport to Great Teaching Categories webpage.

I want to participate but I’m not in Gainesville. Can I still participate?
Yes, you can! There will be designated workshops that will be hosted online.

If I’m participating online how will I receive a passport, stamps, badges and certificates?
We will work with you to award any stamps or badges that you earn. We will mail the passport and certificate to you.

Can I combine stamps from different categories to earn a badge?
No, each stamp is specific to a category. In order to earn a badge, you will need 400 miles in that category.

Do I have to complete the certificate within a certain amount of time?
Yes, the Great Teaching for New Faculty Certificate and Great Teaching Certificate must be completed within three years of your start date. The Faculty Learning Community Certificate must be completed during the same academic year (i.e. starts Fall 18 finishes Spring 19).

If I attend the same conference, but different years will I be awarded separate miles for each?
Yes, if you attend a conference in 2018 and then again in 2019 you will receive 250 miles for each.

What category does the workshop I’m attending apply to?
View the calendar on the categories and activities page. Under each workshop you will see “Passport Categories.” The categories listed are all of the possible category options for each workshop.

Will the workshop apply to all categories listed?
No it will not. Based on the categories listed you choose one category for the workshop to apply to.

Can I view all the possible workshops for a specific category?
Yes. On the categories and activities page in the calendar under filter events you should see “Passport Categories: ALL.” Click on “ALL” and select the category. If you don’t see this option, click on “FILTER EVENTS.”

Can graduate students participate in the Passport to Great Teaching program?
Yes. We encourage any graduate students to attend all of our workshops and events. Grad students can also earn miles, badges, and certificates in the Passport to Great Teaching program.

Will I receive miles for attending Interface?
Yes you will receive 250 miles if you attend all of Interface and submit a reflection in Canvas. During the networking reception there will be a Passport to Great Teaching table, you can receive your stamp for attending Interface during this time.


Will I earn miles for facilitating a workshop?
Yes, you will earn 100 miles for every workshop you facilitate.

How many miles will I earn for facilitating a workshop?
You will earn 100 miles for facilitating a workshop.

Can I still earn a badge if I facilitate a workshop within a category?
Yes, if you travel 400 miles within a category you will earn the badge for that category.

I’m interested in facilitating a workshop, but I’ve never done that before and I’m not sure where to begin?
The Office of Teaching Excellence can help! We can set up a meeting to discuss how workshops normally run and help you plan your workshop. Send an email to Zaina Sheets to set up a time.