Courses can be nominated for one of the following categories:

  • Imaginative or Innovative Approach
  • Quality of Course Materials
  • Instructional Strategy
  • Learner Satisfaction
  • Student Engagement
  • Large Enrollment Strategies

To nominate a course, the course instructor must complete the Exemplary Online Award nomination form in ProposalSpace and provide the items listed below before February 20, 2020 to be eligible to receive an Exemplary Online Award at Interface 2020. (Submitting early will give you a chance to make updates or changes based on reviewer’s feedback prior to final submission.) Submissions that are incomplete will be removed from consideration. Documents MUST be uploaded within the ProposalSpace nomination form. Documents that are emailed will not be accepted.

  • Exemplary Online Awards Nomination Form
    • Instructor information: name, email, department and college
    • Course information: title, prefix and number, section number, term and year, and home page URL for the nominated course
    • Course delivery system (Canvas or other)
    • Primary and secondary nomination categories (see above)
    • Course teaching assistants, collaborators and production personnel (if applicable)
    • Instructor permission for QA reviewers to access the nominated course site
    • Description of the exemplary or innovative aspects of the course along with URLs linking to examples within the course
    • Reflection on the student evaluations—what worked well and plans for improvement
  • Self-Review of nominated course must be done in ProposalSpace Using the Exemplary Award self-review form that is based on the UF+ Quality Matters rubric.
    • The self-review MUST include links to examples of excellence within the Canvas (or other) course site for the nominated term.
  • One peer review of the course.
    • May use a department, college, Quality Assurance Committee, or other review
    • May be from a term other than the one nominated
    • Include the course prefix and number in the filename
    • If you do not have a UF +QM peer review, we will assign your course to reviewers
  • Student evaluations (GatorRater .csv or Excel file) including comments from the nominated term.
    • Include the course prefix and number in the filename

Course instructors must grant/provide temporary access to nominated courses for Quality Assurance Committee reviewers. Awards will be presented at the annual Interface Conference. Award recipients may be invited to share the exemplary or innovative practices used in the course at this event. In addition, a multimedia presentation will be created to showcase each course receiving the award and made available through the website.

For questions about the nomination form or the awards, contact Alexandra Bitton-Bailey.