Course Review Process

The University of Florida’s Quality Assurance Committee has developed guidelines to support online courses. These provide the framework for the development, self-review, and peer review of online courses. Every semester, courses are reviewed in three cohorts using the UF + QM rubric. All faculty who teach online can have their course(s) reviewed. The course review process is opt-in. Course reviews serve as a tool for ongoing course improvements. Courses that have been reviewed will receive a quality or high quality designation and may be eligible for awards at the university and state level.

UF + QM Course Review Graphic

Step 1 – When to Request a Course Review

  • After the first or second offering of the course.
  • After significant changes to content, assessments, activities or organization.
  • If a course has encountered challenges.
  • When submitting a course for the “Exemplary” designation or award.

Step 2 – Submit the following

Step 3 – Pay it Forward

  • Support other online faculty by “paying it forward”(required).
  • Complete a short 1-hour training and review two courses.
  • This is an opportunity to share your expertise and see what other faculty are doing!