Course Review Process

The University of Florida’s Quality Assurance Committee has developed guidelines for online course development. These provide the framework for the development, self-review, and peer review of online courses. Each semester the Quality Assurance Committee conducts reviews of online courses using the UF + QM Standards. All faculty who teach online can have their course(s) reviewed. Course reviews are a tool for instructors to assist with continuous course improvement. They are not required, but provide faculty with the opportunity to obtain feedback by reviewers for course improvement.

UF + QM Course Review Graphic

Step 1 – When to Request a Course Review

  • After their first or second run.
  • After significant changes to content, assessments, activities or organization.
  • If a course has encountered consistent challenges.
  • When submitting a course for an award.

Step 2 – Submit the following

Step 3 – Pay it Forward

  • You do have to pay it forward by completing a short 1-hour training and reviewing two courses. That way others can benefit from the same process.