All faculty can serve as course reviewers.

Faculty who have had their course or courses reviewed are required to pay it forward by reviewing two courses for every course they have reviewed (no worries, this can be done over time).


Reviewing courses is its own reward:

  • Get great new ideas
  • Help other
  • Gator good
  • Increase overall course quality


It’s simple. To become a reviewer you just sign up for our quick 1-hour reviewer training. This training is online and asynchronous.

Once you have completed your training, you will be assigned to a course that needs reviewing. If you are “Paying it forward” then you will be assigned two courses (not at the same time).

Once you have completed your 2 mandatory reviews you are welcome to stay on board and become a master reviewer.

Want to be a Master Reviewer?

Master reviewers complete an additional training workshop

You are assigned an additional 2 reviews

You are eligible to review courses for Awards.