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This page provides resources to assist faculty with the development of courses that must be ready for online instruction in a shortened timeline. In an effort to streamline the process, the accelerated UF+Quality Matters rubric includes condensed recommendations for online course creation based on the UF+Quality Matters standards. Access full versions of the UF + Quality Matters rubric (Canvas login required).


  1. Make a copy of the Accelerated UF+Quality Matters rubric and view the development timeline.
  2. Access support resources:
  3. Attend a short, asynchronous online seminar which covers:
    • Recommended actions
    • Completing an instructor self-review
    • The PropasalSpace tool
  4. Complete your course and submit your self-review
  5. CTE will provide feedback for improvement within the self-review document
  6. Make final improvements and publish your course!