Do you have an instructor, professor, or TA that made you want to attend their class, that made an impact on you? Or do you just really appreciate what an instructor has done for you? Most professors may never know the impact they have on your life. Take a few moments and send that professor a Thank You for all their hard work, dedication, and effort.

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Professor Vivian Gonsalves Ph.D.

Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor
School of Special Education, School Psychology and Early Childhood Studies
College of Education

"Dr. Gonsalves is dedicated, professional, and pleasant to learn from. She has a warm demeanor that comes across as she speaks, while she makes it clear that she expects serious and rigorous work from her students." - Fall 2017 Student

Professor Andrea Lucky Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Assistant Research Scientist
Entomology and Nematology
Institute of Food and Agriculture Science

"Dr. Lucky is very patient, reliable, and friendly. When I email her about course questions she always replies in a timely manner." - Fall 2017 Student

"Dr. Lucky was very knowledgeable and very passionate about this subject, and it was reflected in her teaching!! This was my favorite class this semester..." - Fall 2017 Student

Professor Andrea Lucky Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer
Microbiology & Cell Science
Institute of Food and Agriculture Science

"Dr. Oli was always available to help and was very excited about the course." - Fall 2017 Student

"Dr. Oli has amazing enthusiasm for microbiology, which I was able to see in the assignments we were given - they were so fun!" - Fall 2017 Student

"Dr. Oli was very enthusiastic and her enthusiasm was contagious." - Fall 2017 Student

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