2018 Online Education Excellence Awards

The Office of Faculty Development and Teaching Excellence is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018 Online Education Excellence Awards:

Imaginative or Innovative Approach

MCB2006 Microbes Without Borders, Monika Oli, Ph.D.

  • Instructional Designers: Emma Brady, Selcuk Dogan Ph.D.
  • Undergraduate TA and Student Co-Designer: Amanda Ojeda
  • Undergraduate Teaching Assistant: Jeniveve Howard

Instructional Strategy

EEX6936 Foundations of Literacy Development and Dyslexia, Vivian Gonsalves, Ph.D.

  • Instruction Designer: Domenic Durante
  • Content Developers: Sunshine Moss, M.Ed., Holly Lane, Ph.D.
  • Video Production: Matthew Long
  • Video/Graphics Production: Lianne Jepson

Large Enrollment Strategies

SPN1130 Beginning Spanish I, Crystal Marull, Ph.D.

  • Teaching Assistant: Sonia San Juan

Learner Satisfaction

HSC3102 Personal & Family Health, Amber Emanual, Ph.D.

  • Instructional Designer: Emma Brady
  • Teaching Assistants: Natalia Acosta, John Lee, Denis Schulz, Ashtin Morio

Quality of Course Materials

ANT3451 Race and Racism, Mary Elizabeth Ibarrola

  • Course Co-Designer: Clarence C. Gravlee, Ph.D.
  • Instructional Designers: Leslie Mojeiko, Chris Pinkoson
  • Teaching Assistants: Anthony Boucher, Shao-Yun Chang, Dalila D’Ingeo, Benjamin D. Smith
  • Video Production: CITT Video Services

Student Engagement

ENY2040 The Insects, Andrea Lucky, Ph.D.

  • Instructional Designer: Rayne Vieger
  • Web Design: Katherine Moore
  • Teaching Assistant: Clancy Short